Hello Everyone!
I'm new to Daniweb but glad to be here, this is a great forum for everyone, sooner or later, when we get stumped about questions.
I began with computers way back in 1975 (can you imagine?)< I had a Physics and Math Degree and didn't want to be someone's dreaded Math teacher or an Accountant and I had a friend who had gone into computers (he graduated with me) and turned me onto them! I went to a computer college and learned programming and systems analysis and then worked in the field as a tech support person for Applied Data Research and traveled the world, it was great Also worked for Dec, IBM, County Goverment in California, taught programming and systems design and had a course teaching kindergarden kids an intro to computers (my daughter was in the school too), but then little by little I got out of the whole thing and now I am a Chef (what a change, huh?) although I still tinker with stuff, but I am not current enough to be in the field anymore. My kids are and are heavily into computers though which is great, I think.
Anyway, have traveled the world (in food and more), had a award winning restaurant in Las Vegas, sold it, moved to Merida, Yucatan for 3 years then I sold a business there and we now live in Puebla, Mexico (about 2 hrs from Mexico City) and it's great! Waiting for the US to settle down so we can go back but in the meantime we're having a good time here.... great food and people, very low crime rate, great weather too.
Happy to be on this site!

OMG what a resume!;) Welcome to DaniWeb, glad you are with us.

Thank you! I've got all this experience and talents but since I live in Southern Mexico (lovely place by the way...) BUT, no jobs or anything I can do since they only employ 19-30 year olds..... so I'm looking to make my own job and still be productive (not ready to retire yet...)