I just lost my post because it said i wasn't a member. I am going to make this short and try to remember to copy this.

I was working on last Java project and i needed help. I went to Java Sun forums http://www.sun.com/ but somehow they have a bug because each time i try to click "Post New Topics", I get the following message
"Please validate your email so you can start using the Sun Forums. "
Yes, i checked my email messages and i clicked on every link they gave me. I sent feedback and email messages to Sun forums but still nothing. I checked their FAQs and there's nothing about validating email address. The silly thing is that i was able to log in and the user name i found out was my email address and not the screen name.

Thus, i started search for other Java forums and I came across this one daniweb.com and another one. I've yet to find either one helpful yet.

I am discouraged that Java seems to have too much bugs in it. I am not sure it's worth the effort to learn it. And can I put something useful on the web that an employer would be impressed?

I am looking for something i can use and show others and hopefully get a job out of. I want to put my code on the Internet but it won't let me.


hello i am new here ,how are you ?