:o Hello,everybody,I am very very glad to find the Forum and know so many friends here.
My name is Mohamed,23 years old,
I come from Gulf,
studying Computer Science at QU university(fourth year).
I like all programming languages : Java, C++, php, jsf, etc
also i like web programming .
my hobbies are: playing football, chating & computer.

.Ihope we could share experience with each other in the forum and can learn from all of you.
I would like to thank administrator here,for giving us this chance !

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Welcome Cyberman, nice raptor, we look forward to hearing from you...

thank u very much for ur replay , I will do by best!! :cheesy:


Hey cyberman !! n welcome to daniweb .... do you mean Qatar university ??? I've lived in Qatar for a long time ... then I came back to Pakistan .... I miss Qatar so much.

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