how to begin? .. hmmmm :-/
well, i am a 34 year old male, enjoying early retirement from a long list of minimum wage manual labor and customer service jobs where i never seemed to make ends meet, let alone get ahead. how could i retire from that bs, you might ask? well, in a word, disability.
enough about that, i have moved up in the world (mostly in elevation) and now live on a remote mountain in colorado, an hour away from the nearest town, and several hours drive to any 'real' city. i like it up here where there is no tv, radio, newspapers, etc. the only access i have to most of the outside world is the internet, and thanks to satellite, i have high-speed.
i have no real experience with programming, but can (and have) take my computer apart and put it back together, and have it work at least as good as it did before. i just think of it as playing with legos, and i can make almost anything i put my mind to, if i have the pieces needed.
i wish i had a 'bare bones' system with a good processor and plenty of ram to play with, but all i have is an old hp pavilion xl753 with some extra parts out of another hp that was just as old, but not quite as powerful
i came here to get some advice about buying some new pieces to add to my old machine, or if that was even a good idea, due to the fact that it is so old (it has a celeron processor, and less than 1/2 a gig of ram) but the motherboard seems ok.
this site seems easy to navigate, and i have already gotten a reply to my question (in the Motherboards, CPUs and RAM forum)
i do tend to be a bit long winded at times, and other times i just read, or disappear for a week or a decade :D
if anyone wants to know more about me, just ask, and i might even tell you ;)

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Eventually you will grow a long beard and people will climb the mountain to ask for your advice!

i once had a long scraggly beard, but now i try to keep it trimmed .. as for the advice .. shrug .. i don't know about that, maybe after i have gained another 50 years worth of wisdom :) .. if i can climb out of my shell long enough

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