AND I Have few problem on my computer. i will list all of them out incase anyone can help me out anyone of them.

#1, I have two oporating systems on 1 hard drive which are windows 2000 SP4 and XP HOME EDITION. I can get into either one of the besause it both damagedwhile i was trying to delete the 2000 while i was running XP, so now i can't run windows 2000 and the XP all way show a blue screen with a few thing writen on it ( which stops the boot up and freezes the screen on i can't log on.

#2, I can't get my computer to run my MS DOSv6 boot dick or my XP SETUP CD so i can format my hard drive and remove both oporating system and every thing inside them. it just skips the boot dick thats in the floppy and the setup cd that in the cd rom with out showing any sign that it going to run either one of themand goes to the screen that askes for which os to boot (since both are useless to me i wanna remove them both i can do any thing now taht there damaged)

#3, My brother put a password on boot so that now every time i turn on the computer it asks for the password ( i know what the password is.)
So now i think that the password on boot is the reason that the computer want run my boot dick or my setup cd durning boot. So now i want to find a way to disable the password on boot or remove it so that when i turn on the computer it want come up with the screen that askes for a password on boot.


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#1) I would recommend that you reformat the drive and reinstall. But, since that's #2, I'll just mention that there are Linux installations on live CD that you can run and have access to your drives. For example, in bad situations like this I would use my Knoppix disk for troubleshooting and recovery.

#2) It sounds like somebody went into the CMOS and changed the boot order so that the primary hard drive is at the top of the list. You need to go in and change that so that, for example, the floppy drive is first, then the CD-ROM drive, then the primary hard drive.

#3) Removing the CMOS password is pretty easy. First, to avoid searching high and low for jumper settings, remove the CMOS battery from your motherboard for a few seconds. That should reset the password. Otherwise, you'll probably need to flip some jumper settings to reset the password, which requires a somewhat advanced knowledge about the board you're using. If it's a brand name then a quick call to tech support will get you the jumper number and setting to kill the password.

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