Along with the increased availability and use of fast internet, the popularity of onlline, browser based games has risen dramatically in recent times. Millions of Games is a new website designed to make the task of finding games an easier one.

'Millions' may be an overstatement, but at the time of writing there were over 2000 games listed on the site, and the number is continually growing. The website is basically an online collection of bookmarks to 'Flash' games which can be either played via web browser or downloaded (sometimes for a fee) to be played offline. Site members submit links to games they've found, and the site offers a searchable and categorised database of the entries members have submitted.

Bejewelled anyone? Stick Cricket?

Anyone interested in the concept can join up and add their own web games favourites to the list.

About MOG

When you begin to understand what Millions of Games is and how it works, you begin to realise that it's pretty cool. What's more, there is nothing else quite like it...

Community tagging (Mogging)
Community tagging or Mogging has become increasingly popular over the last 12 months. We were inspired by a number of tagging sites such as and to create a tagging site for casual games. We're big fans of casual games and it just felt that games and tagging should go together. We've been working on MOG since the end of 2004 and after a lot of hard work and some pretty smart coding, we're now ready to unleash it onto the the casual gaming world...

All very well, but what is it?
A community tagging site is one where you store your bookmarks on the site, rather than in your browser, and you then share them with others on the site (that's the community bit). On MOG, we don't want you to put your whole bookmark list in here, just the games you like to play. When you 'MOG' a game it gets added to your list of games (your MOG) and you get to see how many others have MOGGED it too and as such, how popular it is. You also get to rate it and we also track how often you play it, so one of the most powerful aspects of MOG is that it provides several automatic ways of showing you how good a game is. One of the other most powerful aspects of MOG is that you can quickly see who else has MOGGED a game and then get access to their MOG and see which games they like, and so on.

Do I have to fill in lots of data?
MOG is all about making life easy for you. When you MOG a game, pretty much all the data entry has been done for you, you just have to make sure we've got the game name right (we usually have), and the pick the main categories that the game fits into and then choose a couple of key words. Then it's MOGGED. For more detailed instructions on how to MOG, take a look at the MOG IT! page.

The best way to really start understanding MOG is to join and start MOGGING, it's free after all.

make this guy vomit...

Try this... drive a taxi with this dude in the back. If you hit the L and R arrow keys at the same time and then quickly three times, the guy will vomit. Pretty entertaining I guess for being on the Internet all day bored off my bum. The game is at

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