Okay, I suspect this may be a marginal sort of post here, but maybe folks won't mind too much. I won't be offended if it's deleted, though - if it breaks some rule or other, it should go away, because we don't want to break rules.


People who are reading this site might think that the guy who started the San Diego Chess Academy is a pretty good egg - here's a guy who's getting kids playing chess, which as we all know is a gateway drug to geekdom. Well, this guy, Dave Melrose, is apparently in pretty bad shape healthwise - cancer - and being the founder of a non-profit and living in the states, he doesn't have any money to speak of and therefore no health care neither.

If anyone wants to help out a geek, send a few bucks.
(for what it's worth, I don't know the guy at all, but I heard about him from those nice boys in nomeansno and he sounds like good people to me.)

That will be all.

happygeek commented: i don't have a problem with that posting, thanks for caring Jon +0

Vernon was right about you.
I'll see what i can do.

Reaching out towards other people in need can never be seen as "breaking the rules". Thanks for your ploy to help.

I am however sure that we do not want to start a tendency here, so I suppose the mods will monitor this.;)

Thanks Jon, we'll help where we can.:)

I've seen too many hoaxes with this theme to believe them without independent verification.
All too often such "pleas for help" are just attempts to trick suckers out of their money.