Hi, Friends
I am vasant from Ahmedabad, India.

I am using Windows Xp with IE 7.
I am using google to find ebooks & pdf files,
Because it takes too much time to open PDF in browser itself, so i always save PDF file just be rightclicking (from the results shwon in Google)
--->Save Target As-->file name.pdf

This was usual practice till date & i have saved many PDF files in my hard disk this way, But today when i tried this
--->Save Target As----> url.htm
above was message when downloading pdf file & hence it is not downloading pdf file but htm file. Can you please help me what to modify in setting so as i can again download pdf files from internet directly with save target as option.

Thank you in advance
Have a nice day.

Hi and welcome to DaniWeb.
It could be that you're not downloading .pdf files at all. Try to check the .pdf again if it was a pdf format file.

Yes i tried many website links which are pdf only using operator filetype:pdf in google, but all of them are displaying url.htm while i rightclick it using "Save target as"

Earlier by using the same practice i have successfully downloaded many pdf files and books

Now suddenly (may be some settings has been modified accidently by me)all pdfs are saved url.htm only.

Thanks for your quick response

Which browser are you using? Have you try other browsers and check if other browser also have problems with it?

also, some websites do not allow right-clicking on links of certain types.
maybe i can try, what is the address?(copy&paste from address bar)

rightnow the problem is with only google.com website
other website result i can save in pdf files.
when i search google with term "Ahmedabad Pdf"
(Direct Link:

first link appears


When i right-clik over title "Ahmedabad" , & choose save targer as option, Save As windows appears where default file name as url.htm & save as type as html file.

i have no access with other browsers in my Laptop. SO i cant try.

Till now it was working satisfactorily in Inernet Explorer 7 (Till wednesday), Suddently it stoped to save file as PDF

Why is it in htm format. Can you try just clicking on the file and download it?

your first link is good, your 2nd is 404 bad requeset

the first link's page first link was good, i was able to r-click, save as PDF
try in-private filter & browsing from tools menu,
or maybe just reset default settings from advanced internet options

or set program access defaults-->internet explorer from start menu
i am not sure of exact setting

Thank you this problem is resolved after consulting with Microsoft answers service

Thank you very much to all of you for your active participation.

Wish you a very very happy Navaratri.

so what did you do? The solution you use might help other members next time when they have a similar problem like yours.

i tried changing few setting, i dont out of them which one worked out, But i guess it may be anyone of below.

Method 1:

Try the following steps to edit the registry to disable and enable File/Save as:

a. Click on start.

b. Click on run.

c. Type in regedit and hit enter.

d. Locate the below mentioned registry path: HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions

e. Change the Parameter: NoBrowserSaveAs and Type: string

f. And comments: If this parameter is 1 then "File/Save As" menu is disabled in Internet Explorer.

g. Enable it set parameter to 0 or delete it.

How to back up and restore the registry in Windows :


Method 2:

Try to optimize Internet Explorer and check if it helps.

How to optimize Internet Explorer: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936213/he

Thanks for the suggestion and hope we meet again:)

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