What are some of your non-programming hobbies?

I was on the local swim team for seven years. I enjoy doing pretty much anything outside
with my family or friends. And I am collecting music (I only have about twenty CDs right now).

Also, I am on a mission to prove the Public School system wrong! I'm trying to find a way
to learn, right now: math, in FAR less time than the public school system thinks it takes
(12 years!). I'll let you know when I've proved them wrong (I have evidence on my side). :)

- WolfShield

The problem with the public school system in the US is that it has to teach to the least common denominator. In other words, students that don't want to be taught.

I like to hike in the mountains, take pictures with my camera, and do some hand drawn sketches. hobby IS programming! Just in obscure languages like FreeBASIC, VB-DOS, QuickBasic, NASM, etc.

Oh, and DaniWeb is my newest hobby. Wait, that's still programming, to some degree.

Hmmm...Oh, yes...I play a guitar a bit. And harmonica. And baroque recorder.

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Cheating death, daily. 15,547 - 0 so far.

I like radio controlled things, cars, planes, helicopters, etc. I also love making art and watching movies.

I play a fair bit of music, brew beer, and translate novels from Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Man, I love not having a TV.

Not sure that would work for me. Half of the time I program WHILE watching TV. :)

This year I am trying to plant a garden. Also, a lot of trips to the park for my siblings.

- WolfShield

Reading books and watching movies. Always catch the latest movies and don't bother to buy DVD

watching movies.
reading manga book.
and hmmm. daydreaming haha..

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The public school system thing is a good idea. I went to a state school here and that was plain awful,seems like no school system works (well, here in England anyway)

physics and computer science, addicted to consoles and games, support football team Arsenal and read graphic novels, just geek things. Also play bit of guitar and trying create some electro music at the mo

MotorX, Australian rules football, drinking, driving, hunting.

Writing, biking, hiking, shooting, brewing, guitar and music, stuff.

Advanced Human Psychology, Art in pencil, Biking.

Image manipulations to get art.

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@sneekula - shouldn't that be 'laid' instead of 'lied'? :)

Mostly doing nothing. And looking at Skyrim trailers. And other new game releases. Awesome. <Salivating> Speaking of which...they call to me....

Oh, and before I forget, the answer to public schooling is taking it away from the government and causing competition. Kind of like capitalism.

who is testing those?
just for asked......;)

cooking for hobbies.....testing for what?????

Lol I dont have many hobbies anymore other than programming. BUT I was a cheerleader for 9 years? And uh, I play a TON of Video Games, and build robots and electronics projects in my free time?

I drink a lot. And go tanning? Oh. Hm. Yeah. Hobbies.... sleeping. Who has time for hobbies now-a-days?

For some reason, I bought a set of throwing knives while I was in a knife store - now I am trying to learn to throw knives (actually, throwing them is easy - getting them to stick pointy end first is the test).

watching anime and reading manga

ohh ..yes right now watching US tv series like Fringe, Bones , Smallville etc..

and day dreaming :)

watching anime and reading manga

ohh ..yes right now watching US tv series like Fringe, Bones , Smallville etc..

and day dreaming :)

i like that, "day dreaming".:cool:

Hey! What's wrong with knife throwing?

Recently, my interests have been with vintage audio equipment (3-way speakers, receivers, etc). And I'll have to admit as well, programming is my hobby (even though it's just the learning process). I also like to experiment with older computer hardware and see what I can make out of it.

And don't forget the typical movies, classic RPG video games, and reading as well.