Hello, How can 2 connected clients with one server can communicate each other in c#.. ????

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>Hello, How can 2 connected clients with one server can communicate each other in c#

The .NET framework provides two namespaces, System.Net and System.Net.Sockets for network programming. The classes and methods of these namespaces help us to write programs, which can communicate across the network.

Take a look at this article and a blog (FAQ), it will help you to learn the basics of socket programming in .NET Framework using C#.

hello, Thanks for your Response.
I have two applications Sender and Receiver. These applications communicate each other through another application called Channel.. What the best I can do to achieve my goal. If I make Channel as server, and Sender and Receiver as Clients, Or I make Channel as client application and Sender and Receiver as Servers, so can Client Channel can connect to both servers..?? Please explain me.. Regards Kami3

The best thing to do in my opinion at least, is to have the client have 2 sockets connect on different ports, and the serer program have TcpRecievers on 2 ports and jsut use the separate ones to communicate, if not that, then the 2 TcpClients can connec ton ONE port but the TcpReciever must accept 2 clients :D,

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