Hi Everyone,

It's official I'm back. I've started adding input instead of randomly popping by and asking for some assistance. So in my disappearing act I managed to do the whole military thing, grab a few associates degrees make a lot of money.. lost in all in a really bad night in vegas... and on may 16 of this year I had a beautiful baby girl. Raelea Renee Beasley.

So.. I have been busy haha just unfortunately not here, or phpbbhacks so we are going to change that.
I look forward to meeting the new people with issues and the techs helping to resolve them. Already have been spoken to by a couple. Got a few pm's from people that thought i must have been dead.

I've been a member since june 2005. There is going to be a huge increase in post count though. If anyone knows of a specific area that needs an extra helping hand point me there.

knowledge base
Anything Microsoft
microsoft networking

**Virus & Spyware Issues

Research and development "Planning / Design / logical implementation"

I also have extensive experience with google earth and kml files

Microsoft office expert

Minor Web Development

Microsoft Servers OS'

And i can write, proficiently. When Needed.
I prefer not to but I do want to start contributing to daniweb again. So dani and staff. Hello I'm back.. put me to work :)

Welcome back Lightning dude:) See you around the hardware and software forum