I joined this group over a year ago when I started to get back into computers. Then I was going down the route of computer programming.

At the time I was going back to school for another degree. While in class, I had several army schools come up and had to drop my education for the army schools. I am in the National Guard.

One thing lead to another. My company commander found out I was really good with computers. The next thing I know is I was being moved into the commo section. Commo deals with radios but also deals alot with computers and networking. Then I get sent to schools and training events and running cat-5 cable from tent to tent in the middle of no-where.

Things are looking good. My guard unit is in the process of sending me for my A+, N+. and CCNA certifications after I get my MOS school.

Right now I am in the middle of my MOS school.

Welcome to DaniWeb. Good luck with your army career :)

Good luck with your army career, hope you come back to daniweb soon:)