I'm sure that everyone will want to join me in welcoming the following members who, as a result of their contributions and dedication to the DaniWeb community, have today been promoted to Moderator status:

Reverend Jim

Congratulations to you all, a well deserved promotion :)

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Congratulations indeed; welcome to the moderator team folks! :)

Thanks for your confidence. Hope not to mod you anytime soon ;)

And the latest additions to join the moderating team are:




Welcome to the darkside chaps :)

Welcome aboard folks!

Nice to see Gribouillis on the team for whom Tony has been pushing for a long time. And with the addition of James and now NormR1, I'm convinced that Java forum members are pretty much geared up to take over the moderator team. ;)

Makes a change from when it was all the C/C++ people :)

commented: Haha, true that! :) +0

Makes a change from when it was all the C/C++ people :)

I'm curious to see what kind of attitude shift will result from this. The C/C++ folks can be a nasty and unrelenting bunch (*cough*Narue*cough*). ;)


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