Hi everyone. My name is Erin, and I'm new here. I'm 34, mom of 2 boys, and a senior at Indiana University-South Bend campus. I'm an English and Informatics double major, concentrating in Creative Writing in English, and an English cognate in Informatics. I'm pretty much done with my English major, so now I'm getting my Informatics done. I'm currently taking C++ programing and already got a question answere (you guys rock!).

I love video games. Pretty sad at the lack of PC titles out. I also play Xbox 360, but will always prefer PC gaming. Blizzard will feel my wrath if Diablo III isn't released soon.

Hi Erin. Welcome to DaniWeb :) Wow you are some multitasker, aren't you?

Thanks! I love all the advice that's posted around here. I would always check the google searches I made for this site before I looked into others, so I figured since I snoop around enough I might as well join. :)

Very correct! You're welcome once again

Hello new friend,a warm welcome to you,nice to see you,keep posting.