I have 5 computers connected through LAN. My old router (Linksys BEFSR41) doesn't have wi-fi services. So I bought broadband router (Edimax BR-6225n)

I copy all the configurations from my old router to my new router manually. I configure my new router connected to my computer using a cable wire.

I do access my new router using a computer connected through LAN, but there's no internet connection. I tried to Obtain IP and DNS address automatically. Still no luck.

Please help me! I need to have internet connection via LAN then I will proceed configuring Wi-Fi..

Here's is the link of my printscreen and configurations.

Old router ipconfig /all

New router ipconfig /all
http://jovypinoy.fileave.com/router (new) ping.txt

Screenshots of Old router settings
http://jovypinoy.fileave.com/router (old) Setup.png

Screenshots of New router settings
http://jovypinoy.fileave.com/router (new) wan setup.png
http://jovypinoy.fileave.com/setup (new) Lan.png

Do i have to configure also the Wireless settings to have internet connection even I am connected through wire/cable?

Thanks for the help in advance! I hope there's a genius angel with shining glassed can help me..

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Sorry for my english.. :( Hope you understand my concern.

Yes you need to configure the wirelss settings on the new router. Check the IP address too.

O yes!! I got it..

I restart my modem and the new router together and booom, it works fine..

Thanks for the reply. I am so happy.. :)

Also I am now working for the security of my wi-fi so that I can limit the users who can access it.. (evil laugh)..


GLad to hear that. Good luck working out your router settings:)

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