Hey everyone I am Pretty New to this...But i have some information. I always thought that the free ipods and other free items were a fake. But no They arent, I can gaurantee that you will recieve your item after you complete your offer, which is usually just a free trial. Believe me this is a good deal.. Its almost said to be to good to be true and thats what i thought but I was wrong...I can gaurantee that this site will send you the item that you choose.. Check this link out and sign up!!!Its only your loss if you dont because you get a free ipod, How do you beat that? lol Check out my Link and I garuntee Once you sign up and complet offers youll get your ipod!!!!
link deleted by moderator This is the link to the Site that i myself can personally Gaurantee...I suggest you check it out and sign up...Please Do so it will help me out to For my referals.

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I sure wish I could think of something nice to say to you regarding your spamming our forum, but all I keep thinking is just where on you person you should put this.

Dear God, a little chlorine for the gene pool please.


If it's free then send it to me. I'll give my address if you PM. If it's really free i shouldn't be obligated to sign up for other garbage.


Closing thread.

The only reason why you're not banned right now is because your other threads weren't spam. If you post more links like these, I will ban your account.

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