I've been trying really hard to figure this one out for a while. I'm fairly certain the solution is something i'm just not getting, but then again, if I got it I wouldn't be posting here. The puzzle is simple enough:

I 9 P _
5 L 14 _

The two blanks require a number on top between 1 and 30, and a letter on the bottom. Any ideas as to what the solution might be?

Is there any other information given ?

nope. only that i need to be able to find the number on the top and the letter on the bottom. they're arranged so that there are columns, which i don't think the formatting helps with. but the P and 14 are in one column. I believe there is a connection between everything in columns and rows, but if there is I'm having a hard time figuring out what it is.

My guess would be:
I 9 P 14
5 L 14 U

The reason I'd guess that is that I is the 9th letter of the alphabet and P is the 14th.
On the second if L is the 5th letter, U would be the fourteenth.
L:5, M:6, N:7, O:8 ... U:14

hm... tried that combonation and it didn't work. i think there is a significance to the numbers being in columns, but i'm not sure about that.

hm... tried that combonation and it didn't work.

And how are you testing for a correct answer?

through input. A friend of mine gave me this problem through a program he worked on in his spare time which has a bunch of puzzles in it. I know that there is a right answer, but i'm trying to narrow down the hundreds of possible combonations.

I to L = 3 letters, L to P = 4 letters
5 to 9 = 4, 9 to 14 = 5
I 9 P 20 =6+14
5 L 14 U =P+5 letters

The 2 lines gave it away. There should be some relation between them. I take it that you verified that the answer is indeed correct.

Interesting post. This game is so good and take time to sole.The answer is........
I 9 P 14
5 L 14 U.