Or, for those with a Zen leaning, perhaps the one-word solution is MU.

Look it up.

perhaps the one-word solution is MU.


Don't have a cow, man. - Bart Simpson

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Aha! A minus to my prev post.
Kipling & me laugh at you.

Live there you was born.
What do you know abt France, England?
Our the greatest poet , Pushkin, could speak only French,
with Parisian accent/

after 2001/09/11 I hate all of you
At this day I was crying all the evening.
I could not understand what going on.

So what exactly are you blithering on about?

I think I'll close this thread. It's getting off topic and silly.

I smell a rat here.
Reverend Jim, don't teach me what I should speak etc
You want to be the 2nd Pope of Rome. It's ridicuosly.

Though I overreached myself... The first country which helped us (after WW2, to the USSR)
was Mongolia.

Reverend Jim, don't teach me what I should speak etc

As long as we are completely off topic, care to explain how I am trying to "teach" what you should speak? You are free to speak your mind as long as you keep it civil. If what you want to speak is unrelated to the current thread topic then it belongs in another thread. Talk about what you want. Just do it in the appropriate thread.

Now I'm not civil.
Until now in Russian there is a stable word "schweitzar" - for door-keepers.
In early 1900s Swiss was a poorest country. They went to Russia, to earn money.

держись is also a good word that I would use to encourage my Russian speaking friends.

Attitude is a word I would use to describe the cause of world problems, and it is the word I would use to seeing a solution to world problems. Attitude is a person's figurative driving style. You can give people a lift as your are driving through life, or you can run them over. On the road of life there are good drivers and bad drivers... take the analogy as far as you like...

It's very obvious that you have a great passion for these issues, you are not an apathetic person.But, in many forums you subscribe to, it appears that you start the same arguments (under a different pseudonym) and refer to the same or like issues. If someone disagrees with you, you play the victim. While you have this persecution complex we can't teach you anything that would help you.

But, if you wish to, please try this experiment, sign up to a different forum and start out with an interesting question as you did here. But, as the discussion progresses, always say to yourself this, "No matter what is said by others, I'm going to drive carefully in this neighbourhood." Those replying may have experienced the same things, or not at all, or worse. They do not know you, and they will reply with an opinion formed by their own life experience, researched facts, or possibly just make stuff up. But you? Are you going to deliberately crash into them and damage your vehicle, denting it in the process? If you imagine your Attitude as your driving style, what is your vehicle? Your vehicle is your reputation. Are you a bad driver, or do you want a reputation as a bad driver? Do you want to be known as a forum Troll who doesn't really believe in any issues, but only wants to argue and upset people?

And always remember... Правда своё возьмет... even when it is discussed nicely.

Now I'm not civil.

I don't recall ever accusing you of being uncivil. If I am wrong then please show me where. You claimed I was telling you what to speak. Even though I found your "monkeys" comments questionable at best I did not comment on them (and I was not the one who deleted your posts). I merely stated that you are free to speak your mind as long as you keep it civil. Those rules apply to everyone.

both you & me are quite adult men not to pretend not to understand what I meant in my posts.

I . Your rhetoric is tremendous.

both you & me are quite adult men not to pretend not to understand what I meant in my posts.

Perhaps if you explained what you mean by

Siria, Iraq etc is just mobs of monkeys

and the quatrain that begins

Be my will, I'd oust all these monkeys from London, Geneva, Paris, Stock

You mention Kipling but I haven't Kippled in years so I don't get the reference.

Approx such: Never West twained with East.
I trust to Kipling much more to all your forums crowds.

And, Jim, keep in your mind:
English is a foreign lang to me.

be my will, I'd kill all these Sob's - all presz, Putin, Medvedeff, Kadaffi, Saddam Houssein, Fidel Castro etc. Russia is the richest country of the world, these swines drove it into the complete poverty.

My mom ate clover (then she vomited it out), in WWII, and you teach me what is the life.

My 12 y.o. taunt died from hungry, in the war.
One German spit his soup before shes yses, enjoing shes hungry.
And we could-not do nothing.

If you intrerested, read abt resistence of Brest's fortage.
It's really an incredible thing. Ppl wrote on walls "I'm dying but not give up".
Otto Scorzeni "visited" the fortage. His conclusion was: no use.
He flied back to Berlin, with report: incredible resistence. I could not crawl to them even to 2 meters.
Шквал огня from the fortage.

Germans did not know what to do with this fortage.
They simply обогнули it. When they bomded us, beds jumped as toys.

English is a foreign lang to me.

I figured as much which is why I asked for further explanation. Obviously your life experiences are vastly different from mine so I fully expect that to be reflected in your opinions.

We see the world, not the way it is, but the way we are. - unknown (at least to me)

i understood nothing from what you said
I am a fan of Muddy Waters, Eric dolphy etc

You hardly know was a mourning was in Russia when Ray Bradbery died.
What do you know abt us? You know nothing. What do know abt Russian culture?

i understood nothing from what you said


What do know abt Russian culture

I had two friends from Belarus and I was in partnership with a guy from Kiev. But I think we are at an impasse because of the language/cultural differences. Also, we are way off topic now so I think I will retire from this thread.

Jim, there was in the nearest history only 2 men: John and Robert Kennedy.
These was true men.

Robert Kennedy??? What did he do, other than get shot, that made him so great? Even getting killed isn't really so great, lots of people get killed every day.

John Kennedy wasn't so great either, he wasn't President long enough to achieve that status. His presidency was pretty normal for its day. Bay of Pigs was a disaster.

Hmmm... very unexpected
In soviet books they wrote Robert declared war om american mafia,
John was killed by Harold Hunt
I'm perplexed