I've never seen the point of broad threads that go on forever like asking what movie you've seen lately, so I'm going to recommend something specific.

I just saw a very good new documentary called Terms and Conditions May Apply. It will be of particular interest to anyone interested in privacy, and naturally very relevant, since we all spend time online.

It's by a guy I've never heard of, Cullen Hoback, and it doesn't have a major studio distributing it, so it may be hard to find - but worth the effort. It's essentially a quick overview of various ways that corporations and governments collect information on you, and then pass it around. Very interesting, and very entertaining, too.



I will certainly put that on my must-watch list.

I just watched a movie again that I haven't seen for a while. Highly entertaining and it didn't get a lot of ink when it first came out. The movie is called Snatch and, no, it's not a porno flick. It's about a diamond heist and it's a comedy.

Snatch as in one of Guy Ritchie's legendary British films and on of the early Jason Stathem appearences with Vinny Jones and the not so British Brad Pitt? That, along with lock-stock and the more recent RocknRolla are massively under rated.

As is Shane Meadows version of "Dead man's shoes" which shows how people with mentally challanged can be taken advantage of by others and the consequences of the actions that some people, like thoes depicted in the film, may call a joke. The actor who plays the mentally challanged brother also plays a major part in RocknRolla (which I've only just realised when recalling Dead Man's Shoes).

Weird coincidence. I watched Snatch this morning and read Dennis Farina's obituary this afternoon. Died at 69 of a blood clot.

...how people with mentally challanged can be taken advantage of by others

Same thing with The Lookout starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a movie which just happened to be shot in my home town of Winnipeg.