So i am having a girl problem. I love her but unfortunately she has been hurt emotionally badly in the past and she doesn't really how to love, so she has berating all these guys. Nothing sexually has happened between any of the, but each one of has hurt. I have tried everything to let her know I am here for her and will love her and not hurt her but i think she is afraid.

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No kidding its already tearing me apart. Which isn't good because i have been diagnosed with depression and even had to go to a mental hospital


I thought of this meme immediately when I read this

All jokes aside, being in a great relationship can change someone's world, and being in a horrible relationship can destroy someone's world. Fortunately (and unfortunately), I have experienced both situations. Going through those experiences taught me when I should go all in and push all of my chips onto the table, and also when I should fold my hand. Sorry for the poker analogy.


my bad. newbie posting in wrong place.

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No worries

I just read over my original post and found a bunch of errors that are annoying but continuing on thank you for your advice thus far

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