Following Diafol's suggestion, here it is: a photo thread for everyone.

Some obvious basic rules apply. Only post photos taken by you, no third parties (unless approved by the person) and please, no frigging selfies!!! I have enough of those on Facebook...

I'll kick start with two from my Harley encounter last month. 2ea1318b9c0adeadc2d4dc6c3c39eed83e5e3ca1bf01d23495fc9ec065a0e1f5

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Taken a monh ago at the coast. Am playing with HDR a lot lately.


That's a good shot. Where's that?

One of my favourite places to be... (with an old tag)


Nice. Portugal is on my list. Haven't been there yet.

I'll show you around here and you'll show me around there :)

This is a still of me, taken from my friend's GoPro, just after his bike broke down on him during a ride in the middle of Wales. It's not a cruiser but thought you might appreciate it @blackmiau.


I can appreciate any bike. Of course, the owner makes the bike, not the other way around.

Having said that... that is one of the best bike shots I've seen, simply because it's spontaneous.

Can you send me the original file? I'd like to play with it, if you don't mind.

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just after his bike broke down on him during a ride in the middle of Wales

What a great place to break down! Well, perhaps not, there's not much help on hand, the odd sheep farmer, perhaps :). I like the pic too.

Diafol, this thread is your fault! Put a photo up!!

I can't unfortunately blackmiau it's my firend's work so I don't own it.

Wales never dissapoints diafol. I go camping in near Porthmadog and at Llyn Gwynant campsite every year.

We broke down over looking Llyn Clywedog. We had to wait for 3 hours before the breakdown service came but I could think of worse places to get stranded!

Here's a few of my photos :) <--- So relaxed. When I picked my camera up she was on her back, but she rolled onto her side as I got the camera in place. <--- Food coma time! They've just eaten and now it's time for a nap :) <--- How many rats can you fit in a hammock designed for one? :P <--- Panoramic view of a sunset on Blackpool beach. I have some normal photos that are easier to look at of this sunset, but this is my first panoramic that came out correctly

Rats!! Squee!!


Cute critters. And I never managed a proper panoramic shot. I'm still try, though. That sunset reminds me of the place I grew up in, 5 minutes from the beach.

They are my babies and I love them so! :)

I've never had great luck with Panoramic shots. This one isn't great, the lighting isn't very good, probably needed some kind of dynamic exposure to increase the brightness of the surounding landscape. Still I find it quite pretty :)

Took this 2 years ago in Namibia on vacation. This is the Fish River Canyon. We had an awfull flat tyre - will post the photo now.

Oops, uploaded the tyre at the previous post. Here's the Fish River Canyon.

This is what I was working on today... I'd say it's a bit toasted...


And my Shadow always strikes a pose for the camera :)


Give it a bit of a clean and it'll be fine ;)

From last years vacation on Lake Michigan. 0bbe5a163bc1c00c67f1fbfbf1952853

Nope... it's fried.

t'was a joke :)

My bad, hihihi

I think I might use it for hair clips.

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I like to take photos of flowers and animals in nature. (If I find the time...)
This is a photo I took in my little back yard.
It is as if this great tit is trying to say:"This is MY nut, you won't take it away!"

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We don't have tits here, which is a shame...

The bird, not the other kind!