Hi All,

I've been helping a friend with a site that he's been designing with godaddy.com. It's pretty cool and easy to do with their templates and all but their like buttons are troublesome and I was hoping to get some knowledge about this from here. Lets say there are 3 different videos linking to youtube and lets say that I have 3 Facebook and Twitter "like" buttons. How can I make it so that if a user presses the twitter like button that the window pops up saying something like "Watching Drezus' Big Dreams"? As it is, if one button is clicked, all three iterate with a like and only the web page is liked on Twitter or facebook. I want to make posts when they are clicked. How can I go about doing that? Can it be done with just HTML?

I sort of found what I needed from here and here. However I'm still having issues regarding having 3 tweet buttons that increment when one is clicked. So frustrating.

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