I was waiting for a call, so I decided to put together pages 1-15. Enjoy:

once upon a time there was a great disaster,called linux security. Buffer overflow killing made me horny And so I took my flight To the zone where nothing is going to happen, except I shall eat tainted cheese and die morbidly. Upon reaching the pyramid of power that smelled stinky and tasted funny I licked it it was disgusting yet ironically refreshing. Something started to fall from above and landed beside me, on my briefcase full of Windows repair books that were useless dreams devolving quietly into the realm of everlasting nothingness. But then suddenly, there appeared a looming shadow of Giant angry Klingons who all wanted nothing but sex but they screwed each other furiously Happily Ever After. But before this, ,was how wierd they got here Through the portal of everlasting darkness and arms outstretched with swords in hand they crawled silently screaming. Suddenly I heard a loud boom. I jumped. Hitting my knee on the Xserve rackmount server and thinking about excruciating pain I traveling through time to another dimension where I found a pornographic magazine Until one day when I went painfully, crawling naked into an abyss I suddenly realized there floated a piece of crap which looked delicious but not hungry enough to eat and last for all eternity I stopped, reflecting upon my past experiences and did something stupid but I don't remember now every moment that ended up in regret. Suddenly I feel lonely and depressed. So I started shouting at the walls, but knowing that the air was the main reason for living, I picked myself up and started running for my life, and tripped on a pile of crap , which was extremely nice and warm. Running outside, I got out my car keys, started the car but suddenly remembered something about the computer. So I got a hammer and beat the crap out of my car instead. Then I killed myself. Or so I thought but I jumped off a roof, only to land in a big dumb truck full of huge hard boulders and sharp, yet small nails, so I put mustard on my tongue and my left shoestring jumped out and i ran like three types of stinky cheese that just wouldn't quit. Then there came a huge rodent that had the most disgusting smell coming from its hands. I had several small goats penned behind my kinky bed chamber and I like sweet romance with these small goats had babies, and I killed them Tiring of all the slaughtering, began to make my way back to the hotel where I planned a mass suicide of barmen and programmers, while they eat dog crap and break peoples noses without going to court with lots of money but without any fried apricots with mustard on top of their wombats that doesn't dance. Suddenly, a tissue jumped out of some guy's big oversized beaver, which deliberately killed me. Suddenly, a smelly and stinky moderator named Catweazle came and loudly proclaimed: "I'm pregnant". Then telephoned "Tonight Live"! The person on the other line who said that he was untruthful was eating spaghetti. Suddenly, a goat flew over his big green hat which was actually not a green hat but a rotting animal carcas. The Goat, pissed at the thought of such inconsiderate and insignificant sight of Iraq war, killing his brethren, kidnapping others brethren and forgetting his social security number. This brought up a very evil yet entertaining monkey. He would rule but a small section of the entire universe. And killed many people by throwing lots of animal droppings after tasting each of them.Then suddenly, a beaver showed up, he was named ELMO deliberately tried to eat his droppings. Which then he threw back at dani's open mouth , but were blocked by Theo Ratliff. Smiling at this, he slipped and remembered a commercial with a large moose, which was eating and smoking weed. Blood was spilt as the blood of others remain...

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