Hi, i am working on visual C++ Express Ed and winforms to make a simple Word processor.
What can be the basic functionality like spell check etc i have to put in it and algos to follow?
is there any help on the Internet that u know can help me.

That's the beauty of it, it will be your word processor, so it can have any functionality that you want. Start off with just a rich text box, which will give you a lot of the editing functions built right in (or start with a plain textbox and add in the functionality). Make an edit menu so you can cut and paste. Learn to read and write files so you can save the user's work (see System::IO::StreamReader and StreamWriter for that purpose, at least initially).

Spell check the way Microsoft does it will be a bit trickier. You'll have to parse what the user is typing and compare it against a dictionary. A spell checker that does it all in one pass is probably easier to implement.

Do you have enough experience with WinForms already that you know how to use the IDE to generate event handlers and such? If not, go back to a basic tutorial before you take on a large project like this. See, for example, functionx.com/vcnet/index.htm

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thank you so much for consideration and help.
i am new to Win-forms and also did not work on C++ very much . i have to complete this project within 2 months. ill perform the required tutorials. if you know more tutorials and stuff to make me get my hands on win forms well kindly update me ill be very thank full.

MSDN is very helpful in searching for class names, method names, and member variables. Try out some simple applications first and certainly post any difficulties you are having (with code wherever possible).

Should i switch to C#? will it be easier with winforms or with the following features
-Opening a document.
-Save a document.
-Adding page numbers.
-Undo & Redo
-Scrolling with Mouse.
-Keyboard and mouse input.
-compatibility with MS Word all Versions.
shall i use winforms or any other SDK when coding in C++?

Honestly, if others will forgive my heresy, in my opinion WinForms are a lot easier under C#. The benefit with using .NET is you can design your interface in C# and reference C++/CLI code and/or native C++ dlls right from your C# code.

Of course, there are lots of other options, you could use Win32 API directly, or something like Qt or wxWidgets. There's a Qt book out there (see http://www.qtrac.eu/marksummerfield.html for a free and legal copy, called C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (First Edition) that's available in PDF form, and the second edition is partially available on that page also) that takes the reader through the process of making a simple spreadsheet. That would give you a framework upon which to base your word processor.