A seller sale a thing by 10% loss on his selling price, how % loss on his purchase price?

Is this trying to test my maths skills or something? Because they're fine.

so now we're getting even math homework assignments pasted here verbatim, not just programming assignments any longer?

maybe he should ask the seller himself. at least that person 'll be aware of the actual difference (be it in $ or in %) between the selling price and the purchase price.

Price / 100 x 10 (persentage)


Explain and establish, why are you win?

HA! That's for me to know and you to find out ;)

You're homework, your problem... Unless you've shown that you've made a conscious effort and not just looking for someone to do your homework

Do you need the answer in C or VB?

As I understand this:
purchase_price = 50
selling_price = 100 - 10
gain = 40

Even if we wanted to work through this problem for the OP, I don't think there is enough information to answer the question.

We don't know how much the seller marked it up in the first place.

the entire question makes no sense at all... "he sells at a 10% loss on the sales price", and then goes on to ask "what is the percentage loss on the purchase price". What does that even mean...
Either he sold at a sales price that's 10% under the purchase price, or he sold at 10% below the normal sales price.
First case he already has his answer, second case we can't possibly know the answer as we don't know the difference between his purchase price and his sales price.

It's a question typed straight from a homework sheet by the sounds of it but what I think @Santanu Das is asking is if an item is marked at £100 and the seller sells it for a 10% loss on the the on the marked price, what is that price and how is it worked out.

@Santanu Das, to work out a persentage of something you take the number that number, devide it by 100 and then multiple it by the persentage you wish to find.

For example 10% of £100 is worked out as:
£100 / 100 = 1
1 x 10 = 10 <---- Stick a % on that and that 10% loss of a £100 item.

This can easily be googled so please show that you have at least tried solve or google it yourself before you post a question.

We're always happy to help but the rules do state that you should you have at least attempted to solve the problem yourself first.

Happy coding!

Suppose a man has been bought a thing for price P and his selling price is PS. Suppose PS is n% less than that of P and if that person sells that thing for 10% less than PS, then the loss in actual price is very consfusing.

If you give the values, then it will be easy to do.