I was wondering if there's a site out there that gives statistics towards the percentage of sites that use jQuery UI? (Note I'm not looking for the actual number of sites nor jQuery itself ... just jQuery UI).

I rolled a custom version of jQuery UI that only uses about one-third of the widgets, and I'm trying to decide whether to locally host the smaller version, or hotlink to the full thing off of Google's CDN. Obviously it would make sense to use the CDN if there's a very good chance it's already been downloaded, but, if not, the file will be 3-4X the size for no reason.

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I don't know of any sites that have these stats (that are reliable at least). I know that it is one of the largest JS libraries being used out there.

I always use the Google CDN for hosting my jQuery/jQuery UI files. It is widely used, and the chances that someone has it already cached is going to be pretty high, and that will beat out a call to a hosted file everytime regardless of the size. Maybe use the CDN with a fall back to a local file just in case?

According to their statistics there are about 6 million websites that use JQueryUI.

We should bare in mind that,
-there are also as many clients times 10, who discard their cache upon app close by default.

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