Hi all,
pls send Ans to these SAS Q's :

book_date channel revenue nights member_no
2/2/2004 web 100 2 1234
2/3/2004 web 50 1 1222
2/3/2004 web 50 1 1234
2/3/2004 cro 100 2 1235
2/10/2004 gds 150 3 1236
2/11/2004 web 250 5 1234
2/11/2004 web 100 2 1238
2/11/2004 cro 50 1 1222
2/11/2004 inn 50 1 1236
2/11/2004 gds 100 2 1239

Please use SQL or SAS to extract the following from the dataset above(basic code):
1. All bookings made after feb 5th 2004
For these bookings, please provide revenue booked and nights by channel

2. Please provide a report of all members and their nights by channel in the format below:

Member web_night cro_night inn_night gds_night

3. Convert the member_no field into character filed and then create a new variable with the channel and member_no concatenated together to get a unique key.

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First of all: This is the introduction forum, ask your question in the appropiate forum

second of all: At least show what you have done, were not going to do your homework for you.

Third of all: You must give more info, what's it about? What language (PHP, C++)?

Show more effort and you might actually get some support.

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