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well, I got 140 so I can't complain too badly. But by the last 5 I was really not caring much. How do they get your IQ based simply on pattern matching? And why is there only one correct answer for each one? Seems like people would process things differently, at least with images, so it'd be hard to measure with any degree of accuracy.

And if anyone wants a perfect score, the source code has it all (I checked before submitting :p)


I do not think this is an "I.Q." test, really. A number of years ago (2000) I considered joining the U.S. Army. I was tested at a Naval facility. The tests included: Mathematical, Science, Electrical, Mechanics, English Composition, Computer Science, and pattern matching. I scored high enough (top 5%) that they offered me a $20,000 sign-on bonus. I turned this down for one, primary reason: my job of choice in the Army was Armor school (M1A1 Abrams tank); I was not permitted to choose this after the testing not because of my academic testing but because I was determined by the Naval medical staff that same day to be color-blind and I did very poor on my hearing test, supposedly.

They offered me Infrantry. I did not want Infrantry. The interesting thing was everyone (400 potential recruits, in this case) seemed to all be being told that the "only job open to them" was Infrantry. Hmmm. Hence, I did not join.

I assume that U.S. military pilot tests consist of much higher testing beyond pattern matching although this is a standard testing area for the U.S. military (and one of the simplest parts of the initial testing, IMO)

Matty D.


the uk RAF test is harder .a member of my family failed it as they were clourblind so they went into logistics instead of becoming a pilot


well, I've passed our local tests in '98, they said I would have made it to become a pilot, if it wasn't for my reading glasses thing :) so I got into FI


Good God !!

That's friggin hard! I didn't understand 80% of that!

125 for me: missed #s: 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 17 and 18 T_T

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