You idiot.. Go back through this thread and count how many other people have done the same thing. You will surely lose count, as I doubt you can count that high..

The rules are a bit flexible in this game.. so long as your new word isn't completely different.

New word starting from clammering:

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Don't treat people like a piece of garbage

You idiot.. I doubt you can count that high..

Wud you please mind your language?

I am a new member and I really didn't go thru all the messages... more than 2700! I just moved to the last page and saw your word. I didn't know that you ppl have been voilating rules earlier as well. I am sorry for mentioning you alone.

I am leaving this thread as a protest where people even don't know how to talk to others :(


We haven't all violated the rules. The rules have been changed part way through the game so that you can change up to three letters.


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