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I am currently working as a software developer. I studied science in college and used programming for a science project. However, I was able to obtain my first programming-related job a year ago due to connections. However, I am starting to hate the job (personal reasons, not because I dislike software development) and am almost willing to take anything at this point. I recently applied for a software engineer position at a game company and they want to interview me next week.

However, I don't have much interest in computer games. I used to play video games when I was younger, but haven't played many video or computer games the past few years because I find them too addicting.

Would you guys think it is a good idea to work for a game company if you do not have that much interest in games? I still do not have much programming experience, so I am willing to take this job, but am worried that I won't be able to fake my interest in gaming well enough for the interview

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If I were interviewing people, I'd be a lot more interested in ability than enthusiasm. Games are still software, and writing them can be much more demanding than typical business solutions.

Do you have the impression that they're looking specifically for game lovers?

Also, is this a general-purpose "software engineer" position, or is it more specific?

You can still work at a game company and still be useful. However when it comes to new game designs you might struggle because as you say you're not that into games. But that can change if you take this job as a game developer. Personally, programming games is pretty fun and exiting when you actually get your code to work.

I'll say go for it and see if you like it or not. If you don't want to continue working there you can always search for a job on the sidelines while you're working the game developing job.

Good luck :)

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