Haha!! I've been reading this story thread a little at a time, for some time now, thought i should post the story so far just for the fun of it

Part I
Once upon a time there was the most enormous zit on the face of a dinosaur. He appeared like he was having some difficulty with trying to become a rich dude with what you should eat to gain a lot muscle mule mute.

Part II
The queen of daniweb is dani but is this the feeling of someone that has power over the destruction of your own life with the slim chance of surviving in the situation of very inadequate knowledge and very helpful to become a smart and wonderful lady that can make a cake. Remember the best of me is always greater when extreme measures cease. Think not about orphans or tigers claw their little so it came to a stop. it has been ended here, though You are remaining me about the future. I am the one true to believe a thing. How could you attempt to betray me like an enemy dont forget me I really mean that. Remember who your own and never i why is the worst woman is never but who she Was given the chocolate bunny to eat with her glass of milk that tasted chocolaty float that make some people's think weird which may make them feel uncomfortable then feel as good like a bird who loves to suck up of dirt spoon. Wizards are the reason dwarfs are hairy. But that girl knew everything about animals. Why on the phone did

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