Someone suggested it, so here it is. It's the Prime Number game! It's a tough one so be careful you don't accidently mess up. Chances are Someone will make a mistake somewhere or other so if it happens then the next person correct it and post the next correct prime number. They have to go in order from least to greatest (only positive). I'll start us off. (For those of you who don't know, a prime number is any number that is divisible ONLY by one and itself. The number 1 is not prime.)


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  • 213 can be divided by 3. [tex]213/3=71[/tex] Read More

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    Mr.Terminato...Aah,...Arnold.Is it true, that the only rival tonight is the sequel "[B][I]Pirates of the Caribbean 293[/I][/B]: [I]Three curses were not enough[/I]"?. You know, that one with [B]Johnny Depp[/B] as the old pirate dude?. [B] Arnold:[/B] "He's too much of a girly-man". Read More


We haven't learn how to count down regular natural numbers and you want us to follow this one. Ha!. We'll see.



17 is far from my favorite number because I don't really have one.

Then you must be a very shallow man. Liking every single nice and
beautiful number.

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