...Ladies and Gentlemen,...here he comes,...The ONE we have been waiting for this evening all along. The performer of the sequel Terminator 269: The Last Machine Standing. Mister Arnold Schwarzenegger.
...Mr. Arnold, Mr. Arnold,...care to speak a few words for all the nice people watching from Daniweb.com?.
Arnold: How you doin' girly-men?.


Mr.Terminato...Aah,...Arnold.Is it true, that the only rival tonight is the sequel "Pirates of the Caribbean 293: Three curses were not enough"?. You know, that one with Johnny Depp as the old pirate dude?.
Arnold: "He's too much of a girly-man".

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Cute. :)

...But Mr. Schwarzenegger you has repeated yourself.
And I will say it 311 times, I'll never get tired of saying it.
Girly-men, girly-men, girly-men, gi...rl...y...-..me...m.
Are you alright Mr.... My gosh he's is a machine underneath....Aaagggghhh!.


News Advancement.

...We interrupt the regular broadcasting, to bring to you the last casualty report, regarding the incident
at the Oscar Night Ceremony. As you surely know, apparently, a sophisticated machine has been impersonating the re-known actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some has suspected from sometime about his longevity. Nevertheless, the matter is not without irony, since he used to play the role of a machine in many of his movies.
Before we forget, the casualties so far rise to the amount of 331. Including our good friend and news cover...what's her name?..., anyway our sympathies are extended to the families of the victims.
As you know the Oscar Ceremony did continue as planned, since the producers felt this would give more realism, and publicity to the Show. And as the saying goes: "The Show must go on".


Of course, given that I'm the not the 349th person to post to this thread, it is entirely likely the game will be abandoned far earlier


367 apologies (although, I didn't post twice in a row - I posted three times in a row).
Still, my apologies for not observing the rules.

Happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose - Helen Keller

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