If you want to be in the Daniweb chess tournament. Signup here. Just let me know that you want to be in and I can have a few people help organize it.

I'll help :)

Sounds like fun.. I can help develop the bracket by randomly selecting people for each starting point.. Hopefully we get a lot of peps who want to play.

Yeah. You do that. We'll start playing one week from today so it gives people time to sign up.

Can i sign up as it were.
I could do with becoming better...
And it gives the better players an easy match :P

i'll play..

anything i can do, just let me know...

Ok, I'll play.

What are the rules? How much time goes on the clock?

We'll decide that once we get everyone signed up.. but I don't think there should be a time limit..

Right now I'm thinking of untimed games hoping that we can trust that no one will try to tire the other person from an unnecessarily long wait. Any games that are quit do not count and can be redone as long as both people agree to it. If someone quits after a certain amount of moves (to be agreed upon by all of us) then you forfeit. Hopefully everyone will just be honest. There are no undos (So nobody feels it is necessary to give them just because they received one) so be careful with your moves. Games are instantaneous and not over long periods of time (such as days for example). It will be done on yahoo so be sure to give your screen name in this thread. If you choose to use a password (if you can, I don't know if you can or not) then make it "daniweb". Wins will be reported by the players of the game and reported back to this thread. Josh will have the brackets set up after all the signups. That should be about it. Maybe I missed a few things. Edit: Some of these rules might change if we all decide they should be changed before the tournament starts.

screen name: nichito1901

are we gonna create a new room to play or are we playingin an existing room?

Hmm... I guess we could create a new room and call it daniweb or something like that. We'll have it all worked out by the time it starts. It really doesn't matter, as long as the two people in their bracket play each other.

hmm.. dunno.. We should create a room titled "Daniweb!"

i even think it would be a great idea if we organized this say twice a semester... or something like that... making it a scheduled event, not justa one time only...

Sounds like fun to me..

when is it starting? i guess we will wait for enough people to sign in...

i even think it would be a great idea if we organized this say twice a semester... or something like that... making it a scheduled event, not justa one time only...

We should have one summer tournament and one winter tournament.

why not better one summer tournament, one spring tournament, one winter tournament and one fall tournament? one for every season...

Well, let's get this one organized first. It will start on Sunday.

perfect... lets just wait for people interested in having their asses kicked...

Lol. Who do you think the big players will be? I figure me, Josh, Sturm and I don't know who else is any good yet.

Yea right.. considering my luck and skill combination, I will probably be the first one out! lol ;)

since someone let me down (yeah...you know who he is), why don't we play a match, so you can try me?

nope... i haven't played anyone here yet... since the last game was never even started... and the other wasn't finished 'cause my pc died and i lost track of it... so...

Yea, a few.. Okay, Nichito :)

Yep. Then bed time for me.. already 2:09 AM!
What lounge?