This program was suppose to make a bingo chess game.. but i am totally clueless.. so far the notes i got was jumbled so i have no clue at all.. anyone mind helping me out?

This is a sample image that it suppose to look like a bit:

What the program is suppose to do: allows to scroll to next circle and when you press enter it should color the first player as blue and second player as red.. it is suppose to calculate the score for each turn
dimensions are 640x480 and there are 8x8 circles


void main ()
int gd= DETECT, gm;
int RADIUS, xcoor, ycoor;
int chipos;

Radius = 20; xcoor= 100; ycoor= 140;
setcolor(7) // lightgray

for (xcoor=100; xcoor,=60; x= x+40)
for (ycoor=140; ycoor=560; y=x+40)
setcolor (2); // cyan
fillellipse(ycoor, xcoor, Radius, Radius);
setcolor (RED);
fillellipse (140,60,Radius, Radius);

char keys; xloc =8, yloc=1;
row=380; pcolor= REd, sw=1;
key rtn
switch (keys= getch ())
case75: setfillstyle (1, BLACK); // left arrow key
fillellipse (prow, pcol, rad, rad);
if (pcol<=140)
setfillstyle (1, pcolor)
fillellipse(prow, pcol, rod, rod);
setfillstyle (1, pcolor);
fillellipse psc (prow, pcol, rod, rod);
goto key_rtn;

case77: setfillstyle (1, BLACK); // right arrow
fillellipse (prow, pcol, rad, rad);
pcol= pcol+40;
if (pcol >= 420)
setfillstyle (1, pclor);
fillellipse (prow, pcol, rad, rad);
goto key_rtn;

case13: if (sw ==1)
pclor = RED;
setfillstyle (1, pcolor);
fillellipse (row, pcol,rad,rad);
row= -40;
pcolor= BLUE
if (sw ==2)
setfillstyle (1, pcolor);
fillellipse (row, pcol, rad, rad);
row= row-40;
pcolor = RED;
int locator [8] [8];

int chippos [8] [8];
int i,j;
i=1; j=1;
for (col=160; col<=480; col+=30)
for (row=180; row<=400; row+=30)
setfillstyle (1,CYAN);
fillellipse (col,row,15,15);


Since I've never heard of Bingo/Chess and have no idea what that means, there's not much I can do from a logic standpoint.

And since there is absolutely no formatting in your code, there is no way I can understand what you have written.

Post enough information about your problem as recommended in Read Me: Read This Before Posting and format your code properly, then more people might be able to help.

There are a lot of syntax errors in your code. You forget to put ' ; '. case77 is not correct to. Maybe ou want case 77 (with space).
The last is that you use goto and it is very bad style so I can't look for running your code.

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