i mean... it would be understandable to happen in any crappy site... but YAHOO?

Okay, then I see little reason why Jocamps would make a move when he could make a different move that he would win the game with. So I think a new game would be fair. The only reason I say a new game rather than give jocamps the win is the possibility that jocamps saw a possible checkmate when it was just too late. Again I am not accusing anybody and that's why I think it is fair to make this game invalid. We will just start a new game. Note: this doesn't mean to other players that you can disconnect yourself to get a new game when you are in a bad position. I don't anticipate this to be a problem though. Everyone have fun with the rest of the chess games. Nichito and Jocamps I am sorry for the inconvenience.

>>I did pass a comment about the bishop

that's enough evidence to know it was you...

I can see that maybe if he clicked and held his queen and held it over a square and then got disconnected maybe it dropped the queen there as a last move.

alright... i'll just have to trust your word (which is pretty "trustable" though)... same room same colors?

This time there shouldn't be any reason for a disconnection. Every situation is different so I'll look to see if it is legitimate. I think I'm being fair by allowing a new game to be played.

the java client is pretty buggy. if anything crashes whike playing, it seems to take it out

I can see that maybe if he clicked and held his queen and held it over a square and then got disconnected maybe it dropped the queen there as a last move.

i can't even clicked my pieces and i was pointing on my castle.

can we make the rematch the next day after tomorrow? im quite busy on my holiday here in canada.

I wouldnt really waste my time arguing if i made a wrong move and disconnect myself. I play chess with honor by the way. i loss and win with pride.

yeah... no problem... whenever you want to, i'm ready...

you know... this is about the fifth time i get f****d up by internet...

the java client is pretty buggy. if anything crashes whike playing, it seems to take it out

I agree, the chess software is complete sh**. However, when someone is actually disconnected, then there is a notification. You would have noticed that Jocamps had disappeared from play, and he would have had a set time to return. Another player could, in fact, sit down and continue his game. However, Nichito would have been notified and aware that his opponent has changed. Also, most people will not continue the game.. forfeit it, and play a new game is what most people choose to do (The forfeit results in the abandon player's loss record.)

The Yahoo Chess client is very buggy. I don't see how Nichito would have been notified in an obvious fashion. A random person could have joined the table and continued the game.

Anytime someone leaves the room, there is a notification. There is no confirmation to allow someone else to continue the game; however, I'm quite certain both Nichito and Sanjay would have noticed if someone else was in the spot of Jocamps.

Hrm? I just experimented this with joshSCH. There have been multiple times where I have played Yahoo chess and didn't notice the person leave. The notion that somebody else made the move is not ridiculous.

The only reason josh thinks you'd have to have noticed somebody leaving and another rejoining is that he's immaturely latching onto whatever is the first opinion he has publicly spouted.

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Hm.. Actually, no. When a player leaves it says in the bottom that the player has left the game. Then, there is an option for someone else to take his spot. However, since Sanjay and Nichito didn't notice anyone take his spot.. then we can safely conclude that no one else played for Jocamps.

Whether he made the move or not is dependent on if he really was disconnected.. if so, it is slightly possible that the Yahoo server interpreted his move just as he was disconnected. As in, he clicked on the queen, and when he was disconnected the server counted that as a release on the square where he was then checkmated..

And Rashakil, shut up, you can't assume what I think or why I think it.

And Rashakil, shut up, you can't assume what I think or why I think it.

He can assume whatever he likes. Doesn't mean it's correct.

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Well, it doesn't seem like someone was cheating. I don't think Jocamps is the kind of person that would purposefully disconnect himself after making a bad move. Either way, a fresh new game won't be a disadvantage for anybody. I want to make it clear that I don't think anybody cheated, I just have to keep an eye out for such things.

maybe we should warn that this is the last time that is used as an excuse, even if it is true... (not saying anyone cheated...) so there's no more misunderstandings... that should be in the rule book... or have an eyewitness at all times...

An eyewitness should always be encourage. But I do agree that this can't be used as an excuse anymore. From now on, don't get disconnected in the middle of a game. Simple as that. S.O.S. was an eye witness but he still isn't able to tell if someone cheated or not. But it stands, no more disconnections even if it isn't your fault. Realize that you take that risk. The only exception is if the person that didn't disconnect is willing to start a new game.

but i'd say there should be a witness to say who was in advantage before the disconnection... that way he would act as a referee, or something like that... the other way a game should be restarted would be if the game was starting or developing...

i'd also suggest that the moves are written somewhere, so they can be accessed if something else happens... one never knows...

narue had just beaten me. i actually had a chance before i went and make a stupid mistake.

btw. i did not watch jocamps and nichito play but if jocamps explains a defensive position like that i would believe him. despite losing to narue i am a reasonably good player and jocamps foiled my best attacks for many moves and always threatened with a deadly counter( one was a checkmate attack).

Oh, I don't think people should be disqualified if they are disconnected.. If you notice that your opponent has left then immediately e-mail yourself the history.. and perhaps choose to save the game.

But what if someone uses the same excuse. "I didn't make that move."? How about this. Since it would seem so rare that such a thing would happen then, the remaining player saves the history, and all of the moves that were made stand, unless both players agree to start a new game. If the history is not saved then you must start a new game.

>narue had just beaten me.
That was the official match, by the way. Just so there's no confusion and we don't hold up the tournament by accident. ;)

Ah, okay.

By the way sk8, I meant that if there is a disconnection during play then that shouldn't count a a forfeit. If someone uses an excuse like 'oh, somehow my piece moved' then no, we will not accept that excuse again.

So... could jbennet and serunson play their game soon? Josh and I are waiting on you.

I think they were planning to play today..

It should be done on a case by case basis. But if someone is in a bad situation all they have to do is disconnect and start a new game. That wouldn't be fair either. I don't think anyone here would do that but it's a possibility. We'll just deal with it on a case by case basis. So how is the jocamps v. nichito game going? Did you guys play your official game yet?