Heh, that's intersting. Okay so I guess Serunson officially takes the win.

So i get to play josh, he beat me last time, so i probs gunna loose nxt :P

thanks, i shall need it sk8 :P

I just noticed Narue won the winners bracket. Now it's up to the losers to win!

@ narue

Hi. i would really like to play you again in a friendly game. you know i just realised that the last time we played we were both a bit stupid. It would have been much better if you played in the morning and me in the evening. that is if you do not mind getting up one hour early. else i can always try and get you on a weekend. so can we play again some time?

there is something that i would like to ask you. you seems to know the sicilian since you can play against it as well. if someone plays the sicilian najdorf variation against you how do you prevent him from capturing the e4 pawn by chasing the c3 knight. the only way seems to be an early f3. even if you dont move the bishop to c4 black still has a chance to hit the knight. and moving that bishop seems to be the best move.

Is it too late to join the tournament?

Is it too late to join the tournament?

maybe next time...

> Is it too late to join the tournament?
Nah, just jump in the fray. Write a PM to the admin if these people don't let you in. ;-)

commented: lol +3

nice solution SOS :D,
whining always gets you places...

Yeah, but after this tournament we'll organize a ladder system. Check the geek's lounge for threads titled "Chess Ladder" and the like.

Is this tournament still being played?

Would you get done with comparing peni^H^H^H^H^H monitor sizes and get on with the games?

I'm still waiting for my next opponent :(

Josh is currently out of town. When he comes back he will play serunson.

Yeah, bummer i know, anyone up for a casual game?

Anyone here play C&C or Battlefield?

We could make a clan...

We have a clan already you fool, and anyway why would a bunch of tech people want to join our little clan?
Obv we want you good players, seeing as i am the only person to use the 'clan tag' on the game, *cough* why don't you bennet? *cough*.

Hey I'm back. How about tonight or tomorrow serunson? You are 6 hours ahead of my time.. so what about tomorrow at 11:00 AM me, 5:00PM you?

Sounds alright, if i'm still online then!
If not i am on at 9pm my time, so sub 6 hours for u, 3pm in your time zone.

Okay, Rash.. I guess it's me and you. We already know the outcome of that game..

commented: nice... 2 queens... +4
commented: 2 Queens was just hilarious :P +5

I was close to getting you once though josh!
Then you woke up and destroyed me with 2 Queens! Yes 2 Queens.

commented: hah.. that second game was close. I was getting pretty worried :-/ +17

I would love to see a game where both sides play to the best of their abilities and one side gets nine queens.

wow.. I doubt that would ever happen.. they would both have to suck a$$. Someone would have to suck enough to let the opponent get 9 queens (good luck finding someone that terrible), and the other dude would have to suck enough to not win with <=8 queens ;)

Well, if I saw that I could possibly get nine queens, I'd feel pretty safe of my chances of winning and I'd wait to get nine just to say I did it. Maybe I could take out all their pieces one by one while putting them in check at the same time. That way they have no choice and their only piece left is there king. It might be possible.

Damn me and rash's game has become pretty intense (in my opinion). Maybe he's just f-ing with me, but I think I still have a chance to win ;)

No room; our game is 'paused' right now.

yea.. I wrote down where our pieces were.. it might be easier to simply move the pieces to where they were rather than going through all our moves..

Uh yea.. I just bought the harry potter book, so thats what I'll be reading for the next day or two.. pm me in IRC or something when you're ready to finish it :)

Good luck joshSCh, go beat rashakil for us all :P