Not "Ho ho ho"??

This is insane!

Im sorry but,if they wanna act like "Hoes" they have no right being "offended" by this!

UNREAL! :angry:

Hoe may refer to:

Hoe (tool), a hand tool used in gardening
Hoe (dish), a Korean dish of raw fish
Plymouth Hoe
A prostitute (slang)

Sorry, but the Korean's need to rename that fish dish too because it might offend some hores.

Just another example of PC (not the computer) gone overboard

Lol. Im pretty sure this was actually started as a joke and then it made its way into the media and so on.

If it is real its just another example of political correctness gone wrong.

They will always be Blackboards to me....

Just another example of political correctness gone wrong. Last year one couldn't "Christmas", and had to use "Holidays" instead, at least in the corporate world!

A merry "he-he-he" to you.

I am too young to talk about "hoes", but this is really funny!!!!!! Now I have to laugh any time I see one of those jolly obese characters in the stores.