Community Rules

Keep It Legal
  • Do ensure you own intellectual property rights to what you post
  • Do not post or link to pornographic material
  • Do not ask for help with illegal activities such as pirating or hacking
Keep It Spam-Free
  • Do ensure your post contains relevant content and substance and is not entirely self-promotional in nature
  • Do not post unsolicited links to ecommerce sites you are affiliated with
  • Do not include self-promotional plugs within your posts that do not add value or are not contextually relevant
  • Do not sign your posts instead of using the signature facility
Keep It Pleasant
  • Do not post any racist, sexist or religiously prejudiced remarks
  • Do not post insults or personal attacks aimed at another member
  • Do not use offensive or obscene language
  • Do not try to bypass the inappropriate language filter
Keep It Clear
  • Do post in proper, full-sentence English
  • Do indent and properly format your programming code blocks
  • Do use clear and relevant titles for new topics
  • Do not post spun or AI-generated content
Keep It Organized
  • Do ensure you're posting in a relevant forum
  • Do follow proper tagging guidelines
  • Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments
  • Do not hijack old topics with a new question
  • Do not solicit for help by email
  • Do not post the same question multiple times across our forums
  • Do not post editorial articles that may be published elsewhere