Attribute Name Sample Value Sample Value Sample Value Sample Value Sample Value
INV_NUM 211347 211347 211347 211348 211349
PROD_NUM AA-E3422QW QD-300932X RU-995748G AA-E3422QW GH-778345P
SALE_DATE 15-Jan-2006 15-Jan-2006 15-Jan-2006 15-Jan-2006 16-Jan-2006
PROD_LABEL Rotary sander 0.25-in. drill bit Band saw Rotary sander Power drill
VEND_CODE 211 211 309 211 157
VEND_NAME NeverFail, Inc. NeverFail, Inc. BeGood, Inc. NeverFail, Inc. ToughGo, Inc.
QUANT_SOLD 1 8 1 2 1
PROD_PRICE $49.95 $3.45 $39.99 $49.95 $87.75

I am suppose to take this table and put it into 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF. I get how to get it into the forms but I am confused on the partial dependency part. I know PROD_LABEL and PROD_PRICE have a partial dependency relationship with PROD_NUM. Where i get confused though is should INV_NUM be a primary key as well and do all the other attribute depend on it?

P.S. I know VEND_CODE and VEND_NAME have a transitive dependency relationship.

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here is the graph the way it suppose to look its an attached image.

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