....of course not that comma.... that's not even a commo it's a dash...

i'm trying to find tha extra comma, but every time i erase one, it gave e an error.


if ($i<count($_POST['check']) - 1) {
    $sql2a .= ',';

This is the problem.

i was hoping that that was the in correct comma...
INSERT INTO paletes(data, palete, cliente, designacao, posicao, atado, total, codprod) VALUES( '01082012', '16', '1', '1', '1', '1','1', '113')
INSERT INTO movimento (datam, palete_n ,saida, stock, nome) VALUES( 01082012, '16', '', '', '')

all fields have numbers..

I cannot see anything wrong with the query unless you post the table structure, and you did not post an error message.

To avoid those notifications you must use a foreach loop for each array of the posted data.
Then you'll be able to use $i.


Column Foreign key constraint (INNODB) 
saida   No index defined!  int
stock   No index defined!  int
nome   No index defined!  varchar
id     auto increment  - primary int
palete_n     index  int
datam   No index defined! varchar  


Column Foreign key constraint (INNODB) 
palete primary   int
nordem   No index defined! int  
cliente   No index defined!  int
designacao   No index defined!  varchar
data   No index defined!  varchar
posicao   No index defined!  varchar
atado   No index defined!  int
total   No index defined!  int
codprod    indexint

you are right, i've edited the post

VALUES( 01082012, '16', '', '', '')

Perhaps because the last three are empty?

actually. the php file started to work properly, I suposed that my browser was taking to long reloading the pages, so.... "c:\ format c:\".

tried on a apple, all fine, in windows.... nevermind.

if you don´t mind., I would ask you how can I create a search and update form?

Courtesy question: Will you please start a new thread for a new question? This one is a little long already... Don't forget to provide more information about what you want.

ok! thanks

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