I just had to do this to see how it would look like in the code field. This small prime number generator is written in BCX basic, a mildy more modern basic than Qbasic. With BCX basic you can throw in C and assembler code and it would actually compile it. Gives you the familiar comfort of basic, but allows you to venture to C at will.

' look at a series of numbers and print out the prime numbers
' prime numbers are divisible only by unity or themselves
' this is BCX basic, a modern successor to Qbasic

Dim A    ' defaults to integer

For A = 1 To 100
  If IsPrime(A) Then Print A;

Pause   ' make console wait

Function IsPrime(Num)
  Local X
  ' make exeptions for unity and 2
  If Num = 1 Then Function = True
  If Num = 2 Then Function = True
  ' leave on even numbers
  If Mod(Num, 2) = 0 Then Exit Function
  For X = 3 To Num - 1 Step 2
    If Mod(Num, X) = 0 Then Exit Function
  Next X
  Function = TRUE  ' return true if it's a Prime Number
End Function

Well, indent doesn't work and highlighting is hit and miss, just like the real Qbasic code snippet.

Working on it :)

Thanks, I knew you would!