Really Simple PlugIns Loader - Import all modules in a folder in one swoop


PlugIns in their simplest form can be just python modules that are dropped into some designated directory and dynamically loaded by the main application. This snippet can be used to do just that.


To load plugin modules:

>>> plugins = importPluginModulesIn('mypackage')
>>> plugins
{'foo': <module 'foo' from 'mypackage\'>, 'bar': <module 'bar' from 'mypackage\'>}

To access a plugin attribute or method:

>>> plugins['foo'].__name__
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import glob, imp
from os.path import join, basename, splitext

def importPluginModulesIn(directory):
    modules = {}
    for path in glob.glob(join(directory,'[!_]*.py')): # list .py files not starting with '_'
        name, ext = splitext(basename(path))
        modules[name] = imp.load_source(name, path)
    return modules
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Better yet:

import glob, imp
from os.path import join, basename, splitext

def importPluginModulesIn(dir):
    return dict( _load(path) for path in glob.glob(join(dir,'[!_]*.py')) )

def _load(path):
    name, ext = splitext(basename(path))
    return name, imp.load_source(name, path)
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