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I got a look one huge Java code suggestion from one newbie high jacker of old thread, so I had to write this code. (for values with minimum 2 ways, first difference is 87539319 with three ways. You can of course change the if part of the print to get the same list exactly)

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""" find taxi-cab numbers which can be expressed as sum of cubes exactly two ways """
from collections import defaultdict
n = 1000000
qubes = [y**3 for y in range(int(n**(1/3))+1)]
ramanujan = defaultdict(int)
for ind, a in enumerate(qubes):
            for b in qubes[ind:]:
                if a + b > n: break
                ramanujan[a+b] += 1
print(sorted(n for n in ramanujan if ramanujan[n] == 2))
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In Python2 you must use for example 1./3 at line 4 or do

from __future__ import division
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