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Just a code sample that allows you to play your midi or mp3 music files with Python and module pygame.

play midi music files (also mp3 files) using pygame
tested with Python273/331 and pygame192 by vegaseat

import pygame as pg

def play_music(music_file):
    stream music with module in blocking manner
    this will stream the sound from disk while playing
    clock = pg.time.Clock()
        print("Music file {} loaded!".format(music_file))
    except pygame.error:
        print("File {} not found! {}".format(music_file, pg.get_error()))
    # check if playback has finished

# pick a midi or MP3 music file you have in the working folder
# or give full pathname
music_file = "Latin.mid"
#music_file = "Drumtrack.mp3"

freq = 44100    # audio CD quality
bitsize = -16   # unsigned 16 bit
channels = 2    # 1 is mono, 2 is stereo
buffer = 2048   # number of samples (experiment to get right sound)
pg.mixer.init(freq, bitsize, channels, buffer)

# optional volume 0 to 1.0

except KeyboardInterrupt:
    # if user hits Ctrl/C then exit
    # (works only in console mode)
    raise SystemExit
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