Hello, how can I check wich network device is working ( with connection ) and which one is the faster?

I have a modem and a wireless connection. When I lose the wireless connection the modem assume but when the wireless connection return again, the primary connection is the modem yet (which is more slow).

So im trying to develop a small application in Delphi to stay monitoring the two devices. And when the faster connection appear this application hang up the modem connection.

Im using magras lib for modem and works pretty well. But for the wireless/lan I didn't find any solution yet.

see you.

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It shouldnt matter what the device is, the problem is you cant always reliably test which way your data travels - as in a lot of situations where you maybe have wireless and wired, the network IP range for both is the same, as a result it may not always leave the card you think.

However as a general rule - assuming 2 different networks, you would need a point on each of the given networks that you can use to test speed to - wether thats web, ftp or something you write yourself.

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