I have an application (a web browser control within a vb6 form) which shows users their weekly schedule. At the moment they have to input their user id to see the schedule. What I want to do is have their schedules automatically appear according to their network login. I know there is a vbscript for determining the users network login name. Most of the users will be using NT4 with novell client. But they will soon be moving to XP/ADS. I need a script that works in both environments. I would appreciate if someone can help on this.


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The only thing that I can think of, is that there has to be something in the registry that holds this information. I mean, VBScript has a method of an object that can get the name of the user currently logged in, but I dunno about retrieving novel's login.... I'll see if I can't find the registry key, but I don't have novel, so it's all google.


hi, just a thought...

i can extract users login name by using VB's SysInfo control, here's how:

load the SysInfo control by doing this:

1. In the VB IDE click "Project" upper menu.
2. Then "Components"
3. From the list, search for the "Microsoft SysInfo Control" and click
4. Put the control on the form.

then declare first...
Public sysInfo2 As New ActiveDs.WinNTSystemInfo 'declaration for using
'the active directory
'type library
Public SysUser As String

'get the username

SysUser = sysInfo2.username
text1.text = trim(Sysuser)

hope this one works for you...good luck.

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