drfarzad, other than you are acting like a small child because no one will code it for you.

If its not your homework, and you need it *critically* it can only therefore be your job, and if you're being paid to do it, call a collegue..

You arent showing effort at all, you're acting like the small child who didnt get the toy they wanted for christmas.

Sure, RamyMahrous didnt show how to use the code he posted, but he did show some sensible code, the fact is you just pasted it and didnt bother working out what you'd do with it or what it means. All this demonstrates is you havent a clue about writing some code only copy and pasting from places and hoping it all works.

An app that works out max/min and sorts some salaries is not life essential, and is without doubt something you can do either in your head, or, in excel which ever you're comfortable with.

In the mean time, go to somewhere like http://www.3dbuzz.com and look at their free c# video training material about how to think about a program, how to code it, learn a little about c# and its OO and they have stuff on other languages, but, take a look at their hyperion code, and its a good basis for the lazy person who doesnt like reading too, as its video and code as you go.

ddanbe commented: just what I thought +3

How can it be your job, if you don't know anything about C#?

ok i'm accept with you too
but please believe me and i really need this program . i really need as critical and this is not my homework. please complete this program for me and in next time i will be work hard with c# . i'm amatur not professional

Instead of working hard next time, put an effort this time. I pointed out to you before a way to find the largest value in an array.

arnNums = {5,3,2,4,-2,3,6,8};
nSmall = arnNums[0];
nMax = arnNums[arnNums.length/2];

Put some time into learning about C#, then programming will be more fun for you. :D

How can it be your job, if you don't know anything about C#?

Well, if its not homework, but its *that* important.. only other real option is that its work related - eg perhaps hes a teacher at the school, or hes been asked to make it for the school..

Hey, this semester I have to take a class in statistics, will you guys do my homework for me in that one too?

* maybe it's not an assignment, it's a lab or a final exam by way of program writing. :)

No! We don't do other people's work, but we will help. :D :D

* maybe it's not an assignment, it's a lab or a final exam by way of program writing. :)

But that would still count as homework :)

I think it's the time to close this thread! really I feel shame when I look to the question then find these huge number of replies!

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