Something like that yes, it currently contains msg * random text But when i run the c++ script i get something like "msg could not be reconized as command or batch script"

When i run the test.bat by clicking it, it works. i am very confused.
I should say that i run 64 bit vista ultimate and it may have some differences fromother vista's and is quite different from xp

By the way, i cant even build the ole32 thing? what am i doing wrong? i added "ole32" to the linker thingy but..

In c:\test.bat try c:\windows\system32\msg * text (or whereever it is on vista). That should work. Then mark this thread as solved.

i allredy tried that, didn't work either:/

Is this some 64-bit thing? could msg be stored some where else in 64 bit vista ultimate?

Good point. Do a search for msg.exe.

Nope. no luck, it is in C:\windows\system32

I really don't understand this??

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