Maybe good to copy link one time instead of download in the manual download and save the link to file, and post the file?

Maybe repeat x times (maybe close browser in between) to see if clients_test# changes?

Do search through links ignoring obviously wrong for final pattern in the end. Should not give disturbing amount of wrongly followed links for the server to overload.

I do not know the topic as Gribouillis seems to do, but came to my mind as ignoramus in web programming (but I do want to learn soon some basics of that also for my future web pages).


The last printed url is
Yes, client_test6 contains game.exe.
The build can be deployed on one or more test environment. Hence it can have client_test5 or clients_test6 or etc etc or both. Both will contain game.exe. So anyone is ok.

The url of the clients_test page is

This is what is the last printed url. But it shows URLError.
I tried the code with another branch. So the code picked the latest build. But since that build was not yet deployed it didnt have a clients_test folder and hence it displayed 'Could not find client' which is correct.

Did you check that the last printed url was an url to a clients_test directory containing the game.exe ? If your page contains many links with "clients_test", how do we select the good link. You said we could use clients_test5 or clients_test7, but why not clients_test4 ? Also, can you post the exact url of the clients_test page ?


Hey, sorry!
I had wrongly put a / infront of 8080
Corrected it to return "" + link["href"]
Now its working fine :)

[{'href': '/cruisecontrol/artifacts/ABC_gsm_7.4_nightly_build/20100129115410/clients_test4/abc.exe'}, {'href': '/cruisecontrol/artifacts/ABC_gsm_7.4_nightly_build/20100129115410/clients_test4/def.exe'},
{'href': '/cruisecontrol/artifacts/ABC_gsm_7.4_nightly_build/20100129115410/clients_test4/game.exe'},

Game.exe needs to be downloaded and installed
C u on saturday



I am basically from QA team. Our requirement is same as mentioned in the thread. We need to download the particle.exe file daily and istall it. The problem here is that when we are installing the exe file it is asking for user input (for ex. click Next to continue the installation).
I am wondering is there any way to handle this kind of installation using Python. If this kind of installation is possible then please let me know how we can do that.

Your help regarding this is highly appreciated.


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